He showed up for this gig expecting a spoiled society girl.

Instead, he found his feisty fling.

Jenna’s starting over. She’s got a new name, a new town, and a new job—one that’s legal this time. Her criminal days are over. To keep herself safe, she needs to lie low. A hot hookup gives her memories that she can’t erase. Then her estranged father hires the guy—as her bodyguard! When he shows up at her door, her cover’s blown.

Roger never sees the same woman more than once. He can’t afford the distraction—been there, done that. Keeping his security business afloat is the top priority, and he just got the offer of a lifetime. Until he discovers that his new charge is the one-night stand that haunts his dreams. And she’s pissed about it.

How is Roger supposed to protect someone who fights him at every turn? And what will he say when Jenna’s secrets are exposed?

Book 1 of the Hunt Security Series releases September 1, 2024!