What if the ballet was just the beginning?

The Nutcracker Prince is on a mission — to save the Land of Sweets from the power-hungry Mouse King. But when Prince Klaus turns to Clara, the mage from the Realm of Waking, he finds more than just a savior for his kingdom. He finds the girl from his past, all grown up — but she thinks that long-ago battle was all a dream.

Clara has been promised to a man she hates and can’t see a way out. When she comes face to face with the boy from her dreams, her world turns upside down. He’s all grown up now, and he needs her help. She takes a leap of faith and joins Klaus in a daring adventure across the Realms. As they battle the Mouse King and his army, Klaus and Clara rekindle their connection and discover a love that might save them all.

Return to the Land of Sweets and Toys in this award-winning, imaginative sequel to the Nutcracker Ballet!

Reader View Literary Awards Seasonal/Holidays Winner 2023-2024
Literary Titan Gold Award Winner January 2024
Firebird Book Awards Winner, Holiday Category, Q4 2023

Praise for Return of the Nutcracker Prince


“Jasmine C. Caldwell showcases exceptional storytelling prowess in Return of the Nutcracker Prince. The plot unfolds seamlessly, striking a perfect balance between romance and fantasy. The pace is exhilarating, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as Klaus and Clara navigate the challenges ahead. The action sequences are vividly depicted, adding a thrilling dimension to the narrative. The characters are well-developed, with Klaus and Clara’s rekindled connection tugging at the heartstrings. The themes of love, courage, and the power of dreams resonate throughout, creating a captivating reading experience. Caldwell’s writing is evocative, painting a vivid picture of the magical realms and the characters’ emotional journey. Return of the Nutcracker Prince is a masterfully crafted novel that excels in plot, pace, action, character development, and thematic depth, making it a delightful and compelling read for fans of fantasy and romance alike.” – Jacqueline Neves for Reader’s Favorite

Return of the Nutcracker Prince revives the spirit of a beloved classic through a modern lens, balancing the nostalgia of the original ballet with fresh, creative elements. Caldwell’s narrative is an invitation to revisit a cherished fairy tale, offering a new perspective on the enchanting world of Clara and her Nutcracker Prince.” – Literary Titan


“The author’s style is reminiscent of the best fairytale adventures, and you find yourself rooting, nail-biting, and reading from the edge of your seat. The pacing is perfect, the dialogue advances the plot, and the ending is not to be missed.” – Tammy Ruggles, Reader Views