Their feelings for each other will tear the squad apart…

Rosie’s never had time to date, not that anyone’s been interested. Her patients, grandparents, and the squad are her priorities. But an old attraction stirs up again when her best friend’s little brother moves into their apartment building. This has to be against the friend code. Good thing he doesn’t seem to like her much …

Matt’s been crushing on Rosie since he was seventeen. But he promised his sister he wouldn’t date her friends. Now he’s living in the same building as his dream girl while working at his restaurant internship. Will the angel in the apartment downstairs ever notice him? Or is he trapped in the “little brother zone” for life?

And what will his sister say if they can’t fight this?

Recommended Read, Author Shout Reader Ready Awards 2023

Praise for The Geek Girl Squad: Rosie



“This slow-burn romance provides several events I could relate to, and it was easy to identify with the same emotions Rosie and Matt felt. The Geek Girl Squad: Rosie is perfect for readers who like reading realistic romances.” – Stephanie Chapman for Reader’s Favorite