I write books I want to read. This means intelligent characters, happy-ever-afters, and no cheating. Adult contemporary romances with plenty of steam appeal to me the most.

Everyone deserves their own love story. I’ve always believed that. I want to develop a wide range of characters so everyone can relate to someone in one of my books. I especially love challenging gender expectations. And I hope my books will be an escape for readers, not just entertainment.

My next project is what I call the Geek Girl Squad series: five books about a group of nerdy friends and their journeys to love.  No ugly swan trope here – our guys will have to prove their nerd cred to get these girls!

When I’m not writing, I’m working in healthcare in my native Pittsburgh. Or you might find me knitting, baking sweet treats, or playing Mario Kart with my own nerdy love.

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What readers say

Honest reviews about my books from Amazon
roar for me

Morning Star

Amazon Verified Purchase Review

First, I love the title after reading Aurora's story.
I'm not musically gifted, but the writer did a great job of fitting Roar's passion around the story without losing me. It painted a very vivid picture of a city, people and places. Plus, the romance was hot! Looking forward to more!

roar for me

Cyndi B.

Amazon Verified Purchase Review

This story truly pulls at your heart. You want so much for things to work out, and it hurts when they don't. I laughed and cried along with Aurora and Duncan.

I recommend this book.

roar for me

Natalya Undergrowth

Amazon Verified Purchase Review

This was such a fantastic book! If you like getting to know characters and deep heart-felt situations, this book is for you. Aurora is an identifiable character and was overall just lovely to get to know. I hope to read more by this author!

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